12 Days of Giving

Day 1: FUN

Day 2: Safety

We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures with #FUN activities for members every day. If you ask our members why they come to the Clubs, one of the first things they will tell you is, “It’s fun!” Help support the fun with our #12DaysofGiving!
We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures by providing a #SAFE environment for our members. Through our partnership with the Berrien County Sheriff's Department, Deputy Williams is a constant presence on site, both at the Youth Campus and the Teen Center. Members are building strong bonds with local law enforcement and they feel safe. Help support safety with our #12DaysofGiving!

Day 3: Opportunity

Day 4: Leadership

We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures by providing #OPPORTUNITY for our members. Quincy, a member and new part of the Club's youth campus team, is a perfect example of the types of opportunity available to Club members. Read more about Quincy in this month's member spotlight.Help make sure that our community's kids have every opportunity by supporting the Clubs' #12DaysofGiving!
We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures by providing #LEADERSHIP skills for our members. Teens like Elijah are proud to be role models to our younger members. Help make sure our kids are becoming the leaders they were meant to be by supporting the Clubs’ #12DaysofGiving!

Day 5: Health

Day 6: Expectations

We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures by providing #HEALTHY lifestyles programs for our members. Kids are learning how to be more active, eat healthier, make better decisions and build stronger relationships. Help make sure our members are living their healthiest lives by supporting the Clubs’ #12DaysofGiving today!
We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures. Alumni like 2016 Youth of the Year Brandy Reed are enrolled in college and pursuing their dreams because of support they received from the Clubs. Help make sure our members can fulfill their dreams by supporting the Clubs’ #12DaysofGiving at today!

Day 7: Excellence

Day 8: Family

We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures with #EXCELLENT service. Our partners help make that happen every day. The Elli Broad College of Business Executive MBA program at Michigan State University is working to make Michigan a better place to live and work. A team of students from the program is applying the skills they have learned and are helping to improve Club Experience for members by recruiting and retaining the best talent for our team. Help support our members with the Clubs’ #12DaysofGiving today!
We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures by treating our members like #FAMILY. For so many kids, the Clubs are like a second home and our team works tirelessly to make sure that our members feel valued and loved. It’s a family for life. Through the #BGCAlum Alumni & Friends Association, we are able to stay connected and engage members long after their days at the Clubs. Help support our members with the Clubs’ #12DaysofGiving today!

Day 9: Recognition

We are #LightingThePath to #GreatFutures by #RECOGNIZING the accomplishments of our members throughout the year. Each day makes a difference here at the Clubs and each step forward for our kids is a celebration. Help us celebrate achievement by supporting the Clubs’ #12DaysofGiving today!
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