Member Spotlight Aug 15

Changing the Story  Member Spotlight: Jamere

If you sat in class with Jamere today, you would never know that not so long ago he was a shy, struggling reader. More than that, he was afraid. Jamere says that in the first grade he would hide away whenever it was time for reading, crawling under a desk or table just to get away.  

Since he joined the Club at age six, he has been working with the summer reading coaches from Winning, Inc. as a part of the Club’s Summer Literacy Program. Encouraged by the coaches, Jamere began to flourish and learned to enjoy reading. He says, “Even when I messed up, the coaches just kept encouraging me to keep going.” That made the difference for Jamere.
Jamere’s goal now is to get an A+ on every assignment and he loves picking out books to read. He is expanding his horizons and continues to challenge himself with more difficult material. Entering the sixth grade this year, Jamere is reading well above his peers at more than a seventh grade level.

He also says that his interest in reading has helped his family relationships grow. His face lights up as he talks about the tremendous amount of time his mom spends reading with him, something that has brought them closer together.

Jamere’s teachers report that his willingness to work hard and participate is unmatched and they love having him in class. Jamere says, “It feels like family at the Club. Everyone truly just wants me to get better.”

Jamere’s story is like that of so many who just need a little extra time and one-on-one attention to help spark their interest in reading. Before long, they could be just like Jamere – excited to pick out his next read!
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