Member Spotlight June 16

Giving Back  Member Spotlight: Alumnus Willie Wilson

Saying “thank you” may seem like a simple practice, but when it is heartfelt, thank you makes a difference. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor alumnus Willie Wilson is saying thank you with action. The Texas Southern University sophomore is back at the Club this summer working as a reading coach for the Summer Literacy program. Not only did he go through the same program as a member, but his mother and his sister also served as reading coaches. 

Willie looks back on his time at the Club with fondness. He joined when he was six years old and attended the Club regularly until he graduated from high school in 2015. “My time at the Clubs was a great experience,” he says. “I learned how truly important school was, and how it could change my life.” Willie learned more about that lesson as he entered college at Texas Southern on academic scholarship.
“Being on your own matures you more than you ever think it will,” Willie says about his freshman year in college. He talks about how he had to wake himself up (no parents in his dorm room to help with that). Even more, he learned very quickly that time management was going to help him get further. As a part of the baseball team at Texas Southern, Willie has to balance his time with the classes he is taking for his major in athletic training. 

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor keeps kids safe and out of trouble,” Willie says. “I learned a lot about respect—respect for myself and for others.” Some of his best memories are of the field trips and bonding activities he participated in while a member. 

“The Club set me up for the future,” Willie says.

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