Member Spotlight Oct 15

Life Changing  Member Spotlight: Club Alum John Robinson, Jr.

Each time John Robinson, Jr. sits down to his computer or steps up to the free throw line on the basketball court, he remembers his time at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor. At the age of 13, John heard all of his friends talking about the Club and decided that he needed to see it for himself. Once he joined, John remained a Club member for the next five years.

During his time at the Club, John met and was inspired by so many. Natalie Logan, an instructor at the Club, made a tremendous impact. “Ms. Logan made a difference because she was one of the people who would help me with my homework, she made sure I stayed away from trouble and always helped me to sign up for different programs that would be beneficial to me,” John reflected. 
John looks back on his high school graduation as “one of the best moments in my life.” He says that graduation was proof that his hard work paid off. His family, too, championed John with a great deal of pride, cheering as he received his high school diploma.

Today, John is a student at Lake Michigan College (LMC) and he credits the programs at the Clubs for helping him get there. John said, “The Club helped me prepare for college. I learned how to work with the computer, write papers and meet deadlines.” He is studying physical therapy and athletic training.

John also made a connection with former Club instructor Curtis McFall. He was John’s assistant high school basketball coach and became a mentor to him, on and off the court. Curtis showed John the things he wanted in life were possible and taught him how to work toward his goals. “I really looked up to Coach McFall. He taught me how to plan to achieve the goals that I want to accomplish in my life,” said John.

On the road to achieve his goal of playing for a professional basketball team, John is currently a member of the Red Hawks men’s basketball team at LMC. 

As a proud Club alumnus, John encourages kids to find their own place at the Club. “You meet great people. It is a life-changing place where you can grow,” said John. “The most important thing is the help you receive to get ready for college.”

To celebrate and support alums like John, the Clubs formed The Alumni & Friends Association of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor. The Alumni & Friends Association is a way for alumni to stay connected to the Clubs beyond their membership years. It also provides a way for those who were impacted by their membership to give back. Learn more at
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