Volunteering at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor is a wonderful way to give back by sharing your gifts, having fun, and getting involved. The Clubs offer great opportunities for individuals and groups.
Individual Volunteers
For the safety of our members, individuals who wish to volunteer on a regular basis must pass a background check and attend an orientation session.
Group Volunteers
Groups that volunteer on a one-time basis do not need to complete individual volunteer applications. Groups that are flexible with the date they wish to volunteer will have more options for projects.
If you are ready to make a difference, please contact us at 269.926.8766.


After-School Recreation
The Clubs offers a variety of programs that teach sportsmanship and skills to youth in activities ranging from billiards, board games, basketball and active games to gardening. One-on-one interaction between youth and responsible, caring adults is an essential building block for healthy development.
It is often difficult for parents to have the time to assist their child with homework. Volunteering with homework assistance, tutoring, storytelling, word processing, Web design, Internet surfing or tech support is a vital way to provide youth the attention they deserve. Adult tutors are also needed to meet with youth to help build their skills in a focused area.
Coaching takes a special person who cares about youth and who can model teamwork, sportsmanship, and the joy of being involved in a positive, healthy activity. The Clubs have teams for flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis.
Youth who understand citizenship will take part in their communities throughout their lives. Volunteers are needed to advise members in the ways of good citizenship, teaching the skills of democracy, planning events, working in a team, and helping others. Volunteers for the above programs must be over 21 and must make a one-year commitment to the group they facilitate. Time commitment is beyond four hours per month.
Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors ensures that Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor operates to our fullest capacity and is the greatest steward of our mission. 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor has various committees that lead projects for facilities, programs, events and fundraising.
Facility and Done-In-a-Day Projects
Individuals and groups can participate in projects that keep our facilities running smoothly, our grounds looking bright and welcoming, and all areas safe, healthy and effective for our members.
Music Instruction
Members of Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor are fortunate to have access to a wide array of musical instruments. Instructors are needed to help foster a love of music, provide instruction in proper technique and enhance performance skills.
Special Skills
Whether you get enthusiastic about kites, cupcakes, or model airplanes, a one-time demonstration or a weekly class can turn a child on to a new hobby. You choose the topic and the format; your hobby or profession might be what ignites a passion in a child.
Resource Development
Volunteers who assist with special events and marketing are crucial to our team. As members of a task force, committee, or event-day support team, volunteers keep fundraising and marketing initiatives running smoothly.

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